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New Zealand Regenerative Clinic Receives Global Recognition for Innovative Stem Cell Therapy September 4, 2023

AUCKLAND, Friday 1st September 2023: Auckland Regenerative Clinic has won the Specialist Clinic of the Year – New Zealand after being shortlisted for the global Innovative and Excellence Awards 2023. The clinic is a private practice specialising in non-surgical alternatives to treat wear and tear (osteoarthritis) and sport injuries.

Seven science industries from around the world were shortlisted for the Corporate LiveWire awards.

The Innovation and Excellence Awards hosted by Corporate LiveWire, a global business platform with over 70,000 subscribers, celebrates visionary achievements, by honouring those who redefine the benchmarks of success across global industries.

This international award recognises Dr. Hassan Mubark, renowned Rheumatologist and his team for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of care for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the joints (wear and tear) and resistant injuries that affect joints, muscles, tendons and ligament anywhere in the body.

Dr Hassan Mubark, who has flown to London to accept his award, is thrilled for his work to have been acknowledged internationally.

“Stem cell therapy is a complex new area of medicine, and it holds the potential to revolutionise treating conditions such as certain types of cancer, particularly blood disorders (like leukemia and lymphoma), autoimmune diseases, neurologic conditions (like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease), cardio-respiratory conditions, degenerative joint diseases (like osteoarthritis) and traumatic musculoskeletal conditions both in New Zealand and around the world.

Dr Mubark believes safe regenerative medicine procedures will eventually be available to all Kiwis through public or private health and ACC, once sufficient research is published.

Autologous stem cell therapy is a process where a patient’s own stem cells are used to treat a range of diseases such as degenerative conditions and various soft tissues injuries. Stem cells can be used to repair and replace damaged tissue, while stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to help regenerate healthy cells. We don’t use any foreign materials or embryonic or donor cells, thus it is a safe practice as the cells and plasma are coming from the same person.

“During my early days in specialist private practice, I noticed there wasn’t much available for degenerative joints (osteoarthritis) and various injuries other than joint replacements and complex surgeries. This raised my motivation for an innovative non-surgical approach allowing surgery as a last resort “whenever feasible,” says Mubark.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Dr. Mubark has treated arthritis and auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, and polymyalgia rheumatica. His specialty for using non-invasive procedures (for osteoarthritis and various injuries), such as stem cell therapy and other regenerative medicine products (like plasma and hyaluronic acid) has attracted international notoriety.

Dr. Mubark has successfully treated elite athletes, including Owen Franks, who has played for the Crusaders, Hurricanes and the All Blacks. In 2019, Frank’s hopes for World Cup Rugby seemed dashed after he suffered a shoulder injury. Rather than surgery, Frank opted for stem cell therapy that soon saw him back on the field and back to full health.

“Our main interest is saving clients from surgery, when possible. The idea is to control symptoms, improve function and quality of life, return to sports, and slow or stop the progression of the degenerative process by some healing naturally without the use of any pharmaceutical products.

“Stem cell therapy, when offered early to patients, has a 60-80% success rate of controlling symptoms and improving quality of life. Knee, hip, and shoulder joints and tendons have the highest success rates with this treatment, “ he says.

The Innovation and Excellence Award 2023 is a testament to Dr. Mubark’s tireless work to providing quality patient care and medical research that helps set new benchmarks for Rheumatic and Orthopaedic care. His dedication to knowledge-sharing and continuous learning has help elevate the entire medical community both here and overseas.

The awards ceremony took place in London this week (August 29th), marking a celebratory gathering of industry leaders and innovators.